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AIMVIA Welcomes Changes to MVSA

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AIMVIA welcomes the announcement made yesterday by Minister Paul Fletcher. The announced changes to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act are a positive ‘first step’ toward the stated goals of increasing competition and improving safety of the National fleet.

‘This is very positive news for the Australian consumer and a step in the right direction for the Automotive sector.’ said Jack Sandher, President of AIMVIA

‘While we believe we have further to go on these reforms, it’s encouraging to see the Government backing up their agenda of empowering both Small Business and the Consumer by creating a more level playing field for the Industry.’

AIMVIA’s position is that Australian consumers and motorists should be entitled and enabled to access the widest possible choice of quality used vehicles that comply with Australia’s safety and environmental standards. AIMVIA policy is supported by the recent recommendations of the Productivity Commission and the Harper Panel’s review of the Competition Policy.

‘Our belief, as per the Harper Review last year, is that Australians should be allowed parallel import vehicles up to 5 years old to bring us in line with global competition, Mr. Sandher said. However, today’s announcement shows that the Government has heard the voice of the Industry and is making steps in the right direction; and we are eager to assist in any capacity in order to make that happen’

AIMVIA is an association that represents businesses associated with the importation, preparation, and sale of used vehicles; founding members include international logistics, shipping and inspection companies, as well as importers, compliance specialists and vehicle retailers.

Ross Pendergast, Vice President of AIMVIA, added, ’The development of the relationship between AIMVIA and government has been very constructive. AIMVIA has found an ear with Government looking to reform the Australian motor industry as the fleet becomes constituted entirely of imported motor vehicles.’

While AIMVIA applauds the announced changes, we also encourage the government to consider moving further by removing the arbitrary age and distance travelled restrictions and instead relying upon the standards to which a vehicle is manufactured.

‘We are also interested in discussing ways in which industry processes can be made more effective and efficient, such as the adoption of an independent ‘National Inspectorate’; this woud be a body responsible for confirming that all vehicles comply with Australian and equivalent vehicle standards before entering the fleet.’ Mr. Sandher said.

AIMVIA looks forward to continuing work with legislators to address these concerns and ensure the interests of Australian consumers are represented.